Based on the theory on condensed plasmoids we are proposing the following experiments:

  1. Reinterpretation and Reevaluation of Fleischmann-Pons-Type Electrolysis Experiments
  2. Reinterpretation and Reevaluation of Hydrogen-Loaded Metal Powder Experiments
  3. Condensed-Plasmoid-Induced Double Electron Capture
  4. Condensed-Plasmoid-Induced Beta-Minus Decay
  5. Condensed-Plasmoid-Induced Alpha-Decay
  6. Condensed-Plasmoid-Induced Fusion of Aluminum
  7. LENR without Hydrogen and Metal
  8. Collimated X-Ray Pulses Directed by the Magnetic Field
  9. "Death Knell" Signature of Condensed Plasmoids
  10. The Pseudo-Ferromagnetic Properties of Condensed Plasmoids
  11. Resistance of a Spark, Nuclear Energy Feedback
  12. Shielding Properties of Various Materials against the Emission of Condensed Plasmoids

We are seeking the cooperation with other research groups to perform these experiments. If you are interested in cooperating with us, please send us an email.

Detailed descriptions of individual experiments and their goals will be made available to our potential cooperation partners.

The experiments are aiming to provide a better understanding of the basic physical mechanisms of LENR, rather than attempting to build a high-yield LENR reactor.

We will try our best to support you during the experiments and subsequent documentation.

We would like to share the results of the experiments openly with the public. We would also like to engage different research groups with different experiments, so that they will all be covered at the end. For this purpose, we would like to display the names of the research groups on this web page, which have committed to the respective experiment.