LENR Media


  • This is the main library of papers about LENR with thousands of articles
  • The library is maintained by Jed Rothwell

ISCMNS Internet Library

Journal of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (JCMNS), UK

  • Peer-reviewed scientific journal dedicted to LENR research
  • JCMNS is published by the International Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (ISCMNS)
  • The journal publishes the proceedings of the ICCF conferences
  • An index to all articles published in JCMNS until 2018 can be found here
  • Editor in Chief: Prof. Jean Paul Biberian, University of Aix-Marseille, France
  • Editorial Board: Prof. Peter Hagelstein, MIT, USA; Dr. Michael McKubre (retired) Energy Research Center SRI, USA; Prof. George Miley, University of Illinois, USA; Dr. Edmund Storms, Kiva Labs, USA; Prof. Akito Takahashi (retired) Osaka University, Japan; Prof. Xing Zhong Li, Tsinghua University, China

Infinite Energy

  • The Magazine of New Energy and Technology
  • Founding editor: Eugene Mallove (deceased)
  • The magazine is subscription-based or can be bought per issue. It was probably the first periodical about LENR.

New Energy Times

  • News about LENR
  • By Steven B. Krivit

Cold Fusion Now!

  • Archive for the activities from 2010 to 2019, US-based, by Ruby Carat

E-Cat World

  • News, information and discussion about advanced energy technology, currently focusing on the Energy Catalyzer (E-Cat) invention of Andrea Rossi, and Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) in general

LENR Forum

  • European forum with 8 foreign-language threads
  • Coverage of current LENR news and discussion threads on related topics
  • By Alan Smith

Das LENR-Wiki

  • German Wiki about LENR
  • By Michael Geipel

Coldreaction - saubere und billige Energie durch kalte Kernreaktion

  • German web site about LENR
  • By Willi Meinders
  • The site is inactive since October 2020 and might go offline

An Impossible Invention

  • English/Swedish language site mostly devoted to Andrea Rossi's work
  • Principal: Mats Lewan.

Cold Fusion Times, USA

Atom-Ecology, UK

  • Focused on cold fusion science
  • Principal: Russ George

Sifferkoll, Sweden

  • English/Swedish language site taking a critical look at LENR financial matters
  • Principal: Torkil Nymerg

Think Tank Report, USA

  • Extensive commentary on cold fusion and (now and then) ET Life

HTYa and CMM

  • Busy Russian-language site devoted to LENR, also to exotic physics of ball lightning etc.

22PASSI, Italy

  • Italian language website with some LENR content
  • Principal: Daniel Passerini

Blog di Claudio Pace, Italy

  • Italian language website of a well-known researcher

LENR Today

  • By John Ellsworth Evans

LENR & Cold Fusion News

  • General news, but heavy on E-Cat

E-Cat= Rossi Cold Fusion

  • Has a broader scope than the title would suggest

Journal of Nuclear Physics

  • A medium that was set up by Andrea Rossi in quest for a theory on LENR

Is LENR the Real Deal?

  • Displays presentation slides to show that LENR is real